A PUPPY was savaged by a hawk brought in to see off pigeons from its owner’s posh block of flats.

Chihuahua Dolly was in a garden when the bird sank its talons into her throat and bit her head.

Owner Eunice Barth was left horrified after her pet Chihuahua was savagely attacked by the hawk

Owner Eunice Barth, 80, said: “I remember the moment I heard Dolly scream.

“She was being dragged along the floor and the hawk was just about to fly away when the handler threw it some red meat.

“She was covered in puncture wounds. There was blood pouring everywhere.

The four month old pup was dragged along the floor by the bird of prey

“I was screaming hysterically, Dolly was screaming, it was awful.

“It was shocking, it left me in such a nervous state.”

Four month old Dolly was attacked after she snuck into the garden while her artist owner was taking out the rubbish.

The pup thankfully made a recovery after her owner forked out £400 on vet bills after the attack last June.

But now the hawk has made an unwelcome return to manage pigeon pest control at the luxury flats in Regents Park, London.

Eunice now fears the bird of prey could strike again or even attack one of the newborn babies in the block.

“My dog was savaged. How could they hire that hawk again?

“I can’t bear that it’s come back.


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