Partners Kevin Newell, 35, and Flo Blackbourn, 21, run Wiggy & Friends Animal Rescue and are embarking on a mission to help the Aberdeen’s injured doos.

They are asking people to help them map the city’s colonies so their Pigeon Patrol can check up on the birds’ welfare.

The idea was inspired by the New Arc animal rescue centre in Ellon.

And it is hoped the project will help alleviate some of the pressure on New Arc by dealing with pigeons in the city.

Kevin said: “They do an amazing job with the thousands of animals they get through the door.

“They don’t always have time to get out and pick up animals.

“We’ve taken quite a few injured pigeons in during the summer.

“There’s large populations of pigeons all over the city.

“We’re calling on people to let us know where they are.

“We’ve created a rapid response first aid kit for pigeons. If a pigeon is ill we’ll catch it and treat it.

“The idea is we’ll go out and try and help these pigeons.”

Kevin, who has his own business Humane Wildlife Solutions, and Flo, a zoology student, run the rescue centre from their home in Old Aberdeen.

He added: “We just work out of our home. We’ve got a little outhouse in the back that’s been converted into a wildlife hut.

“We play pigeon noises to them so they feel like they have contact with other pigeons and not just us.

“The biggest problem with pigeons is their feet when they get string or bits of hair wrapped around their toes.

“If that doesn’t get treated or cut off their toes can eventually drop off.

“A lot of the cases we’ve had the birds have either flown into cars or windows and they suffer from concussion.

“They can recover from concussion but it’s usually a slow process.”

The centre is named after Wiggy the pigeon who the couple treated when he had an injured wing.

The public is being asked to help map pigeon colonies

Kevin said: “Wiggy had damaged his wing.

“He eventually ended up losing half a wing.

“He stayed with us for two months and we managed to rehabilitate him and get his wing treated.

“He also had string around his foot which we treated.

“We got him to a point he was fit, healthy and strong and he went to the New Arc.”

“A lot of people absolutely hate pigeons but once you get to know them they’re all little people with their own characters and traits.

“We’re not a long-term facility.

“We’re like the ambulance service.”

So far around a dozen colonies have been mapped, including George Street, the railway station, Denburn underpass, Woolmanhill Hospital and St Nicholas Street.

Kevin added: “There’s a lot of pigeon colonies in the city.

“Each colony is usually quite small.

“On average from the ones we’ve found so far there’s probably eight to 15 pigeons in a colony.

“We’re doing patrols of all these different sites and we see if there’s any ill or injured pigeons or babies fallen out of the roost.”

Keith Marley of the New Arc said: “I think it’s an excellent idea.

“It’s a big task, but Kevin’s got the experience to know where the most likely spots are.

“They’re doing all the hard work in going out and getting them.

“They’ve only got limited facilities but they’re doing a great job.”


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