An errant racing pigeon has Renwick orchard owner Bob Crum cursing the day the bird entered his life.

According to Crum the pigeon arrived three weeks ago and had made itself at home, enjoying a regular supply of food from his hen house. However, the pesky bird’s presence has put his hens off laying, and it doesn’t look ready to leave any time soon.

What Crum first thought was a novelty turned into a daily chase to catch the food thief.

He had made noises to scare the pigeon but unperturbed by the riled fruit grower, it just flew off only to return later. The bird has grey and white plumage with an amulet of pink and purple feathers around its neck.

Crum believed the racing pigeon had deviated from its route.


“We thought it was hanging around because it liked us. We discovered it was eating the hens’ food and was putting them off laying. It causes all hell and the chooks don’t like it. They won’t lay in their nests in the hen house,” he said.

It had been eating wheat and seemed happy, Crum said.

“I felt sorry for it at first but we have had enough. It is pretty clever, it is no bird brain.

“It keeps out smarting me. In the hen house it sneaked out every time I tried to catch it. It flies up to the roof and watches what is happening.”

Crum doesn’t believe in killing the bird so lethal force hasn’t yet been considered. “I don’t have it in me to harm it – I wouldn’t want any thing bad to happen to it,” he said.

He had been in touch with a pigeon club to see if any pigeon fanciers were missing a bird but his inquiries had drawn a blank.

“I hope its missing owner comes and gets it quick.”

If you are missing a racing pigeon call Crum on 03 572 8237.


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