7 auctions closed this Sunday, raising no less than 492,350 EURO in total. The highlight of this weekend was the auction of Gevaert-Lannoo, which raised an impressive 221,925 EURO.

Freialdenhofen & Sons – 18 pigeons – 1,964 EURO/pigeon
Father Freialdenhofen and his sons Heiko & Dirk have been one of the top players in the extreme long distance. As every year, they sell a group of young birds of their best breeders in an exclusive PIPA auction. They sold 18 young birds at an average of almost 2,000 EURO per pigeon. The most expensive pigeon was a youngster of Forrest Gump, which goes to The Netherlands for 3,400 EURO. The auction raised 35,350 EURO in total. A remarkable number of Chinese and Taiwanese fanciers joined the bidding, as 12 out of 18 extreme long distance pigeons were sold to these two countries. The pigeons were sold to Taiwan (6), China (6), The United Kingdom (3), Slovakia (1), Russia (1) and The Netherlands (1).

Van Toor Brothers – 130 pigeons – 1,442 EURO/pigeon
This auction marked the end of the Las Vegas dynasty, as all the pigeons (minus a round of unflown youngsters) were sold today, raising no less than 187,425 EURO, with an average of 1,422 EURO for 130 pigeons. The most expensive pigeon are Olympic Tamara x Olympic Santa Ana, which were sold for 13,400 and 11,400 EURO respectively, to a Chinese and a Belgian fancier. Some Taiwanese fanciers have been quite successful with the Van Toor pigeons in recent years, which explains why no less than 36 pigeons will be shipped to Taiwan. The 130 pigeons were eventually sold to China (43), Taiwan (36), Belgium (9), The United Kingdom (9), France (6), Slovakia (5), USA (5), Spain (3), The Netherlands (3), Poland (3), Germany (2), Serbia (2), Japan (1), Bangladesh (1), The Philippines (1), and Sweden (1).

Gevaert-Lannoo – 54 pigeons – 4,110 EURO/pigeon
The eye-catcher of this weekend and also in previous weeks was the auction of the Gevaert-Lannoo racing team. They had potentially their strongest season ever in 2016, and they decided to contact PIPA to sell their entire racing team, along with a small group of unflown youngsters, or 54 pigeons in total. The 2 stars of this auction were sale 1 and sale 2 of part 1. The first is a hen that won 4 provincial or zonal second places, the second is a cock that won the title of 6th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB longer middle distance young birds last year. Bidding for sale 1 (Princess 95) started at 16,000 EURO Sunday morning, and the bidding continued until 2 hours and 30 mins after the official closing time. No less than 13 fanciers placed a bid, and the pigeon eventually got sold to a Chinese fancier for 39,000 EURO.
Sale 2 (Prince 26) was even more remarkable, with a start price of 10,4000 EURO on Sunday morning. The bidding continued until 3 hrs and 30 minutes after closing time, with 12 fanciers trying to win the bid. Another Chinese fancier eventually placed the winning bid of 39,000 EURO. The other pigeons were very successful as well, with sale prices as high as 17,400 EURO, 10,800 EURO, 10,400 EURO, and 9,600 EURO. The 54 pigeons eventually raised 221,925 EURO in total. The pigeons were sold to China (33), Taiwan (9), Belgium (6), Germany (2), Italy (1), Japan (1), Poland (1) and Romania (1).

Jo Bauters – 7 pigeons – 1,914 EURO/pigeon
It was the first time that Jo Bauters organised an online auction on PIPA, and it was a successful one with an average of almost 2,000 EURO per pigeon or 13,400 EURO for 7 young birds. The two most expensive young birds are a brother and a sister of the 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB longer middle distance YBs 2016, which were both sold for 3,400 EURO to China and Portugal respectively. The 7 pigeons were sold to Taiwan (4), China (1), France (1) and Portugal (1).

Thibaut-Boons – 10 pigeons – 1,490 EURO/pigeon
This has been one of Belgium’s strongest middle distance combinations for years, and they will be joining the upcoming Olympiad as well with their 1st Olympiad Pigeon Cat. B. This time they only sold a group of young birds, which raised an excellent 1,500 EURO on average or 14,900 EURO for 10 young birds. The most expensive one was a daughter of Victor, which goes to Taiwan for 2,600 EURO. The 3 most expensive pigeons will be going to China & Taiwan. The 10 pigeons were sold to Belgium (7), China (2), and Taiwan (1).

Philippe Brantegem – 9 pigeons – 1,283 EURO/pigeon
Philippe Brantegem had his very first online auction as well, and it was quite a successful event with an average of 1,283 EURO per pigeon or 11,550 EURO overall. The most expensive pigeon was sale 2, which goes to a Belgian fancier for 1,800 EURO. 8 pigeons will be shipped to Belgium and 1 to Taiwan.

Mark Evans – 5 pigeons – 1,560 EURO/pigeon
Just 5 pigeons in this auction, with most notably a youngster of Mr. Blue x Special Blue (sale 1), which goes to France for 5,600 EURO. The 5 pigeons raised 7,800 EURO in total, and will be shipped to France (1), China (1), Belgium (1), Taiwan (1) and the USA (1).


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