TransLink is trying to deal with a bird poop problem around the Commercial-Broadway SkyTrain station.

Pigeons have been nesting at a new platform that’s set to open early next month.

The noise of the SkyTrain — and the hustle and bustle of the commuters — isn’t enough to scare off the birds. So, Jill Drews with TransLink tells us a falcon has been brought in.

“The falcon kind of goes in from time to time and scares them away. Hopefully, they remember this is not a safe place to be.”

Drews says they’ll also be setting up electric strips, “The shock is very, very minor, it won’t harm the birds. But it’s just irritating so it will hopefully deter them from nesting.”

TransLink will also be installing spikes and netting to stop the birds from landing.

The new platform at the Commercial-Broadway station is set to open on Feb. 2. It will allow commuters to enter the westbound SkyTrains from both sides.


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