This is the hilarious moment a young toddler girl in central China teaches a pigeon a lesson for stealing food.

Mobile phone footage shows a white bird landing on a mother’s hand and pecking on a bag of snacks. A toddler girl can be seen grabbing the pigeon’s neck and taking the food back.

The mother was shocked as the girl put the snack straight into her mouth after.

This is the first time the one-year-old toddler feeding pigeons at a plaza in central China (left). A pigeon landed on her mother’s hand and ready to take the snacks from the bag (right)

The scene was captured at a plaza in Puyang, Henen Province on February 24 when a mother took her daughter to feed the pigeons.

‘It’s her first time feeding pigeons. There were a lot of children at the plaza doing the same as well,’ the mother told Pear Video.

She did not expect her one-year-old daughter to grab a pigeon’s neck with bare hands.

Video shows the girl pulling the bird close to her before snatching the food from its mouth and ate it.

‘We are all shocked when she suddenly did that,’ said the mother.

Behave! The girl would not let the pigeon to eat her snacks and snatches it from the bird’s mouth (left). Quickly she puts the snack in her mouth and eats it straight (right)

The mother told the girl to ‘spit it out’ but it was too late and the girl had already swallowed it.

The video was widely shared among Chinese social media and later picked up on 9GAG and

Web users commented that the toddler ‘is a savage’ with so much aggression at young age.

‘Pupuka’ joked: ‘Don’t mess with Yukuza!’

However, some web users worried that the girl might catch a bird flu.

‘This is how people get bird flu, she literally eats it from the bird’s mouth,’ said ‘shagoon’.


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