The rapidly increasing numbers of pigeons (nok pilab) has ruffled a few official feathers in Bangkok. There was bit of a flap after authorities warned that citizens caught feeding the birds would face a stiff fine, explaining the pigeons were spreading disease. These birds divide opinion, some calling them “rats with wings”, others more generously “doves without the PR”. Fond as I am of feathered friends, I must admit pigeons are not my favourite. About 10 years ago, I wrote about the problems of pigeons at our residence. It began harmlessly enough with a couple of the birds raiding the dogs’ food bowls at the back of the house. Initially it was not a major concern, but word soon spread amongst the pigeon community. They began arriving in squadrons and became a real nuisance. Getting rid of them was another matter. I quickly learned that clapping my hands and shouting “Shoo!” was only a temporary solution and also looked quite pathetic. Pigeons are smart and swiftly worked out that hand-claps are not gunshots. On occasions I felt like those people in the Hitchcock film, The Birds, although they were attacked by seagulls, a much more aggressive species than the pigeon. Please log in here to fully view this exclusive content. If you aren’t a member yet, simply sign up here. It’s totally free & takes only a minute.


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