zombie birdPigeon Patrol releases this breaking story:

A number of panicked Russians have contacted the authorities to report concerns over the bizarre behavior of pigeons in Moscow.

Locals have dubbed the birds “zombie pigeons” after a strange change in their behavior swept the city – leaving the birds extremely lethargic and seemingly fearless.

Moscow resident named Umid said: “When a person walks past them, they used to fly away. But now they just sit there in a kind of funk and don’t even pay attention to you. They’re just not normal.” Umid went on to say: “I’ve seen some pigeons behaving very strangely, turning around in circles”.

Officials have dubbed the birds “the pecking dead” branding the epidemic a “bird apocalypse”.

One other resident reported a pigeon losing its balance and falling through an open window frame, while others described birds resting their beaks on the ground or walking round and round in circles.

For the time being, locals are advised to stay away from any pigeon that is behaving strangely and to call the local authorities if they come across a dead bird.

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