3 Budget Friendly Pigeon Deterrents

3 Budget Friendly Pigeon Deterrents

Budget Friendly Pigeon Deterrents

Looking to try more pigeon deterrents to see which one works best for you? First off, Pigeons have excellent eyesight & are startled by unexpected visual signals or recognizable predators. Here are 3 budget friendly bird deterrent products that could help you keep these pests and other birds such as sparrows, and crows away from your property

1) Magnetic Bird Defender

Thanks to technological innovations, you can find several kinds of equipment to scare birds away. One is you can use this powerful magnet to repel the birds. This magnet is flashy and interferes with the birds’ sense of direction and confuses them which will cause them to stay away from the radius of the magnet’s field. The number of magnets or their strength will depend on the size of your property. Pigeons and other birds tend not to approach any area where there is a magnetic field stronger than the terrestrial magnetic field. You can hang these on your balcony, porch, front door, wherever these pests may be

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2) Reflective Owl Repellent

These owl repellents are budget friendly and effectively scares birds away because of the reflective print. The pigeon’s eye is one-half the weight of its brain, whereas man’s eye is only one-fiftieth of his brain weight. Pigeons have a very wide visual field of around 340° compared to the 180°of humans. So when they come across these reflective owls, there eyes get irritated and they can’t stand it. Another reason why these owls are effective is simple: Owls prey on pigeons and pigeons are not the smartest things on wings. Confronted with something that looks like an owl, a pigeon will assume the worst and fly away. The ruse is hardly new. For years, gardeners and boaters have used fake owls to scare off birds. This owl-shaped surface contains hundreds of three-dimensional light-refraction spots. When the sunshine comes to this surface, it is immediately reflected in various rays of colors. Additionally, each decoy is attached with two hawk bells, and these will unpredictably emit sounds to startle the birds


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3) Reflective Ribbons

One of the classic and primary tools is the bird repellent tape, This is another bird control applying the refractive holographic technique on both sides. This tape is about 5 centimeters width and nearly 100 meters long, which is enough to cover my backyard. It does not consume much of my time and effort to hang up the tapes. I cut them into strips about 40 centimeters long, and stick them to the wall with layers of adhesive tapes, or tight with thin rope, dental floss, any kind of thin string appearing in my kitchen. Or I sometimes cut them into approximately one-meter strips and tight upon the tree branches. Actually, it is not compulsory to hang on the highest spots, but scare tape should be directly contacted with sun rays and wind so that they could flail wildly to create flashing light and flapping sound.


With visual deterrents, surprise & change are vital. Birds quickly acclimate to static scares, so we don’t sell them. Pigeon Patrol has these visual products that contain some element of change or movement, making them more effective than the stationary units offered in the marketplace. For large areas, use more visuals — either the same type or a variety. Change the location of your visual deterrents from time to time to maintain its effectiveness in keeping away the bird pests.

About Pigeon Patrol:

Pigeon Patrol Products & Services is the leading manufacturer and distributor of bird deterrent (control) products in Canada. Pigeon Patrol products have solved pest bird problems in industrial, commercial, and residential settings since 2000, by using safe and humane bird deterrents with only bird and animal friendly solutions. At Pigeon Patrol, we manufacture and offer a variety of bird deterrents, ranging from Ultra-flex Bird Spikes with UV protection, Bird Netting, 4-S Gel and the best Ultrasonic and audible sound devices on the market today.

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