Man teaches pigeon to fly behind him at 50mph

ISLAMABAD: A Pakistani pigeon fancier has taught his pet to fly alongside him while he rode a motorbike at 50mph.

The man was filmed travelling along a road at sunset while the pigeon fluttered alongside him. He released the bird after starting up his motorbike and it flew just behind him as he built up speed. After a few minutes, the pigeon was clearly straining to keep up, so the man pulled up by the roadside to give it rest.

Racing pigeons usually travel at speeds just under 40mph and are known for their ability to navigate home across long distances. A recent study found that pigeons increase their homing speed by around 7mph while travelling through polluted conditions. Scientists are not certain why this happens, but it may be because pigeons do not like the smell of fog. So they fly faster to get away from it.


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