Network Rail has installed spikes on the structure to scare off the birds, which have made it their home for several years.

Most of the pigeons had flown off this week and have been perching on nearby walls, although a few have stubbornly refused to move from under the bridge.

And if history is anything to go by, there’s no betting the rest won’t return in the not too distant future.

People have moaned about the mess and the smell created by the pigeons over the years and all previous attempts to frighten them away have failed.

Back in 2007, Network Rail installed a buzzing gadget called a Wailer, but it simply scared passers by and was ignored by the birds.

So five years on and Network Rail spent £300,000 sprucing up the bridge where Station Road joins Kingston Road and putting up netting.

But the pigeons again took no notice and gradually returned to their favourite roost as the netting partially collapsed and had to be taken down.

At the time a company spokesman said: “The netting was removed as it was not as effective at deterring the pigeons as we hoped it would be. In its place we have installed ‘get off’ gel trays that are designed to prevent birds perching or roosting.” The trays also had no effect.

Meanwhile, Network Rail sent in crews last weekend to clear weeds and undergrowth in and around Taunton Station after members of Taunton Trains complained they had reached “epic proportions” and that the arrival in the town “resembles a jungle”.

A Network Rail spokesman said: “Work to clear vegetation took place at Taunton Station last weekend with a focus on the areas worst affected.

“Further work is planned to maintain the tidiness of the area in and around the station.”


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