IF YOU are one who enjoys reading the comments on Facebook posts, chances are you have come across a headbanging purple bird.

The meaning of the purple bird is very confusing with the meme going from innocent sticker to a right-wing symbol used by fascists and Neo-Nazis.

Originating from Florida artist and Adobe creative resident Syd Weller, the “Trash Dove” is part of a sticker set featuring a large-eyed purple pigeon in various situations — most notably the bird vigorously thrashing its head up and down.

The sticker suddenly went viral after being featured alongside a dancing cat on a Facebook page with millions of followers.

After going viral, Trash Dove became the focus of dozens of memes and fan art, which includes porn based on the purple pigeon.

But now the symbol has moved past light trolling and is considered to be an alt-right meme used to spread neo-Nazi propaganda.

A campaign dubbed “Operation Nazi Bird” from 4chan’s /pol/ message board — the epicentre of far-right extremist activity — was responsible for the shift.

The campaign called for the alt-right to use the bird to clog up the comment section of prominent leftist Facebook pages.

Users are also being encouraged to start photoshopping Trash Dove into images of Nazi propaganda, with users quick to comply.

Is the Trash Dove meme a symbol for Neo-Nazis?Source:Supplied

While not everyone associates the meme with Nazi propaganda, it’s apparent some people have been taking the bait.

People are starting to get upset over this meme.Source:Supplied

So in closing, Trash Dove started as a simple Facebook sticker, before far-right trolls on 4chan attempted to make it a neo-Nazi symbol. Where it will go to now is anyone’s guess.


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