Different people have different hobbies. In my childhood rearing and flying pigeons was one of the common hobbies in the down town area particularly. Four five decades before one could see pigeon towers erected on roof tops called as Kotar Adda after every ten fifteen houses and the pigeon flyers would at times remain on roof tops from morning till evening and have there meals also who where considered to be chronic pigeon flyers known as “Kaini Kotarbaz”

These pigeon flyers were known for the sharp eye sight and patience. They could visiuallise any pigeon whether same is male or female even though pigeon was flying very high because the game or trade was dependent on that. Pigeon had their own names like Zag, Chattur, Tichal etc because some males were considered efficient in enticing female of any other Adda while flying to his own Adda so were some females expert in bringing some male pigeons to there own Adda. Every flyer was trying his best to send his pigeons in the sky to bring the pigeons of others to his own Adda through this process and this exercise at times gave commercials dividends also.

Most unfortunately our political class as seen these days is nothing more that these pigeon towers where we see one political figure be it ex minister, legislator, office bearer or worker running from one adda to another that too so fast keeping the possibility of forth coming assembly elections in view. The way pigeon is not loyal to any adda permanently the same way these political pigeons have no principles, ideology, conviction and dedication for the betterment of the people but only and only goal is to grab power and amass wealth at the cost of human blood and in this process it seems they have all undergone invisible plastic surgery of having shameless faces. The result is obvious because this unfortunate State has tasted all the known parties in power who have proved worse than one another in every respect yet brazenly and facelessly again and again go to the people and ask for their votes. Those who swore on the holy book not to take part in electoral politics are eyeing for contesting all seats. Those who gained public support against communal politics after winning good number of seats aligned with the same for the sake of power and worse sufferers were the people who voted them. Those who enjoyed power with the blessings of Delhi throughout are trying now to raise their voice against powers at the centre only and only to hoodwink the gullible people with the sole purpose of somehow to gain power for their vested interests. We are most unfortunate people for not having a political class who is not wedded to any principles and  ideology for the sake of power for which people could vote and trust them that is why none of them are respected by people in the heart of their hearts. Worst kind of human rights  violations a decade before were ignored by the party in power and propagated by opposition and when the same opposition came to power they changed the role and did still worse and party in opposition now started beating the drum.

Those who condemned militancy few months before and paid their respects to those soldiers who were killed in operations by laying wreaths on there body is now after losing power condoling the demise of militants which is the reverse gear of the said political party.

This is the peak season of our political pigeons for running from one Adda to another while assessing the prospects of each Adda to gain power without any remotest interest for the betterment and progress of the people and public also is to be made accountable for not assessing the least evil amongst the class of devils we all are caught in.


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