An animal owner in Luzerne County is under investigation after several animals were left outside in frigid temperatures.

More than a dozen dogs and farm animals were left with no food or heat.

State police spent their New Year’s at a home near Wapwallopen investigating the incident where they found dogs kept outside with chickens, goats, and pigeons.

“Lacking shelter, two dogs to one small shelter with frozen water is just not sufficient,” said Mary Sult of the Animal Resource Center.

Troopers and Luzerne County SPCA came to the home on Cemetery Drive Sunday evening to confiscate the dogs and other animals. Pigeons and chickens are still there, left in the cold weather.

Neighbors alerted the Animal Resource Center near Bloomsburg about the conditions. Sult went to the home to provide food and that’s when the investigation started.

“I really have to toast them for the new year because they’re the ones who saved these animals,” said Sult.

The owner was not home at the time. Authorities brought the animals to a local shelter. Now, animal activists are warning others that might be doing the same thing.

“Bring your animals inside,” said Sult. “It does not take much and if you can’t bring them inside then don’t have them.”

Sult says no animal should be outside for more than 20 minutes when it’s 32 degrees or colder. That’s the new state “Libre’s Law,” which makes a conviction for such an offense a felony.

“They would have been in these temperatures for weeks and who knows if they would have survived,” said Sult.

Sult says if you can’t care for them, take them to your local shelter. It may cost a few bucks, but it might be cheaper than animal cruelty charges.

We are waiting on more information on whether charges will be filed.


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