Gary Jennings will be bringing a good selection of pigeons from all his winning families, including sons and daughters of his best Hereman Cuesters from stock obtained K&K Homer & Williams of North Yorkshire, Wayne Doonan and Border Lofts, to the Winter Fayre. There will also be pigeons from his long distance family of Marijn Van Geels/Cyril Beattie bred pigeons. This line of birds has been responsible for the Jennings’ success from St Malo over the past number of years. There will also be a good choice of Stefaan Lambrechts available on the day from pigeons recently acquired from Ype Hemstra and a few directs from Stefaan. Anybody wanting any specific birds brought to Ballyclare should contact Gary for a welcome chat. At the Fayre take the chance to order your 2018 youngsters. Gary has received good reports this year from a number of fanciers who purchased birds earlier in the year.

TELFORD BROS – DOWNPATRICK Based in Downpatrick, the Telford Bros lofts house nothing but the very best. This comes as no surprise as over the past few seasons Alan has been a fearless purchaser at any of the major sales he has attended purchasing nothing but the best bloodlines possible. All the top winning families, Heremans Ceusters and more, are at stock but one of the main families at stock are the Colin Gibson stock. Alan attended the complete clearance sales of Colin Gibson and purchased nothing but the best, resulting in a number of the top racers and producers making their way to the lofts in Downpatrick. Telford Bros will be attending the Winter Fayre in Ballyclare and will have a top selection of their winning families on show plus taking orders for 2018 youngsters.

TOM CAIRNS WOODEN PRODUCTS Tom is better known to all as the guy that trains your French candidates every weekend. In the racing season (O/B Only) Tom trains most weekends (weather permitting) prior to the top French events and is known by all. Tom builds nest boxes, hampers, feeders, wooden silos and more for the fancy in his workshop. Tom will be attending the Fayre and will have on show a selection of his products

BENZING ETS Benzing will be in attendance at the Fayre. Dorothy Smyth (NI Rep) from Benzing will be in attendance to answer any queries and demonstrate and promote the present “ Benzing ETS “ system

HENRY McLAUGHLIN – PIGEON SUPPLIES Henry will be attending the Fayre and will, as usual, have a top selection of pigeon products on offer. Henry is agent for the Van Tilburg Pigeon Corn and there is a top range of mixes on offer and they will be on show for all to view at the Fayre. Henry is looking for local agents to supply the Van Tilburg range. If interested have a chat with Henry at the Fayre.

H BEATTIE & SON – CORN MERCHANTS H Beattie & Son will be attending the Fayre to promote their full range of top quality pigeon mixes. They are agents for the Versele Laga range of corns and products also. Come along and view the full range of mixes.

ANISAN PIGEON PRODUCTS Anisan will be attending the Fayre. They will be promoting their pigeon products and will have special show offers on the day. Everything to keep the lofts clean and healthy.

AUCTION AT THE FAYRE There will be a small select draft on auction on the day of the Fayre starting at 3pm (approx). More information and full details will be on the Pigeon Craic website in the coming days plus full information in next week’s issue. The Northern Ireland Winter Fayre will be held on Saturday, October 14, at the Six Mile Leisure Centre, Ballynure Road, Ballyclare, Co. Antrim, BT39 9YU. Opens 9.30am-4.30pm (approximately).

GLENN BUCKLEY & SON – ANNAGHMORE – INFC NATIONAL CHAMPION 2017 I would like to send my heartiest congratulations to the top racing partnership of Glenn and Johnny Buckley, G Buckley & Son, on their outstanding achievements this season on being crowned INFC National Champions 2017. The Buckley family have won just about every top award that there is to win and this result puts the icing on the cake for one of the nicest racing families that you could meet in the sport of pigeon racing. Well done Glenn and Johnny.

LARNE & DIST PIGEON MOOT Larne and Dist HPS will be holding a night with the world famous Jos Thone on Friday, 13th October starting at 7.30pm. Tickets are £10 each (inc supper). Jos will have 15 youngsters for sale on the night to be auctioned, opening bid £100 each.


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