Dozens of pigeons used that dormant time to grow their families in Paseo’s rafters. They’ve claimed the best seats behind home plate, and they’ve marked them to warn anyone who dares sit there.

“While the crews work on repairing the Paseo Stadium to make it safe, it’s the perfect opportunity to get rid of those birds,” said Jon Cramer, recreation administrator for the Department of Parks and Recreation.

He’s fielded many offers of help from people with small-caliber firearms, slingshots and even darts. He continues to decline each one.

“There will be no projectiles, no shooting, nothing like that. We will simply encourage them to move somewhere else,” said Cramer. “There’s a hollow line that runs down the length of the beam, where the pigeons roost. We’ll fill it with spikes and they won’t want to live there anymore.

“And, hopefully, these birds won’t come back.”


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