Way back in 2006 I was contacted by multiple Yorketown business owners fed up with the escalating pigeon problem. During the following 12 months more than 1000 were professionally removed, including nests. Attention was also spent blocking roosting sites and notifying building owners to ensure numbers remained manageable.

It was at that time I discovered residents at two separate residential addresses in Yorketown which supply large amounts of food in the open and have purpose-built enclosed roosting cages for the birds overnight. I brought these two addresses to the attention of the council but no further action was taken. I could not remove the last 30 or so birds due directly to these sites.

In 2014, I was contacted as the birds had yet again built up to plague proportions. During the next 18 months 1150 were removed. At that time the two residents were still supplying the birds with food and shelter. This time I spoke directly with one of those involved but no changes were made.

To date the removal was funded by local businesses and the Yorketown Progress Association.

Disappointingly for the town, its residents and visitors moving forward, my services are no longer available as the root of the problem has not been rectified.


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