At least 80 messenger pigeons are dead and 10 people are without a home after a fire ripped through two Phoenix residences Saturday.

Officials with the Phoenix Fire Department said the fire charred two homes near 57th Avenue and Camelback Road early Saturday morning. The blaze started at one residence before spreading to the neighboring home.

At least 80 of the 150 birds inside of one of the homes died of smoke inhalation, fire officials said.

The owners were part of a messenger-bird association and cared for the birds inside of the home.

Messenger pigeons are known for their ability to find their way home over extremely long distances. Because of this skill, they are used to transport messages.

All of the occupants, four dogs and at least 70 pigeons made it out of the home safely. Officials said the fire displaced 10 people who were living in the homes.

The exact cause of the fire is still under investigation.


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