Pigeon PatrolA persistent bird feeder given an Anti-Social Behaviour Order to restrict his habit was feeding pigeons around 40kg of bird seed a day, a court heard.

John Wilkinson, Morecambe’s Pigeonman, can now only feed birds half a kilo of bird seed three days a week under the varied terms of his ASBO.

Prosecuting body Lancaster City Council was granted a variation of an Anti-Social Behaviour Order against Mr Wilkinson, of Cavendish Road in Morecambe.

The variation extends an existing ASBO for a further year to December 2015 and varies the conditions by further restricting the amount and also the times he can feed pigeons.

Proceedings were brought against Mr Wilkinson due to the annoyance and distress he has brought to residents for a number of years by feeding flocks of up to 300 pigeons outside his home and in other parts of the district. The flock wait for their regular feeds by perching on rooftops of neighbouring houses, where their fouling causes blocked and leaking gutters and their noise disturbs sleep.

Mr Wilkinson was feeding approximately 40kg of bird seed to the pigeons each day.

Coun Karen Leytham, Cabinet member with responsibility for environmental health, said: “The order does not prevent Mr Wilkinson from feeding pigeons but tries to curb the worst excesses by restricting the amount he can feed and also the times and location.”

The conditions of the ASBO prohibit Mr Wilkinson from feeding pigeons within 100m of his home on Cavendish Road. Outside that radius he can feed up to half a kilo of bird seed between 9.30am and 10.30am on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday.

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