ECHUCA’S pigeon problem seems to be worsening with the Campaspe College of Adult Education now undertaking drastic action to restore their building and rid themselves of the bothersome birds.

General manager Karen Hagan has resulted to installing spikes to the entire heritage building at the cost of approximately $4000 and admits that it is only the beginning of the College’s attempts to rid themselves of the fowls.

‘‘We tried other things that haven’t worked,’’ she said.

‘‘We’ve tried a few spikes before, an eagle which was meant to scare the pigeons and a drone.

‘‘Now it’s time to take some permanent action.’’

The feathered frenemy fiasco is creating a huge number of issues for the college and the surrounding buildings with roof damage leading to water leakages, paint on the buildings and cars needing to be fixed and the guttering has been significantly affected. In total, Ms Hagan estimates that the costs will continue to climb.

‘‘It could literally be another $25,000 just to restore the building back to what it was,’’ she said.

‘‘We’ve tried to claim it on insurance but nothing has gone through.

‘‘We will need a new verandah and our walls fixed.

‘‘The damage is extensive.’’

By the end of next week Ms Hagan hopes the many thousands of spikes across the building will be installed and the gutters will be cleared – but this work is only the beginning of the damage control.


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