Iranian security agencies are worried about the presence of pigeons at the Macca Masjid. Iranian President Dr Hassan Rouhani will visit the historic mosque, along with his delegation, and address a gathering of namazis on Friday.

The police have deployed sharpshooters and armed guards as part of the security arrangements for his visit. But, security personnel are worried about pigeon droppings.

Iranian security agents who visited the mosque to oversee the security arrangements noticed that there were bird droppings and twigs on the first row, where Dr Rouhani is likely to sit while he offers prayers. The agents pointed it out to the mosque authorities, who assured them that they would look into the issue.

The Macca Masjid, a symbol of Iranian architecture, is home to a thousand pigeons. The birds have been living in the mosque’s minarets and lintels for years. There are pigeonholes on the roof as well.

A 70-member group consisting of the Iranian delegation, local public representatives and officials will offer prayers at the mosque on Friday.

Officials have requested the minorities welfare department and the Macca Masjid authorities to arrange for a shamiana (tent) outside the mosque.

“Inside the mosque, we will tie a cloth to cover the first two rows.

“We have been told that the President of Iran will be addressing a small gathering,” said an official from the minorities welfare department.


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