Tube sonic pigeon patrolImagine chasing away pests like pigeons and loitering teenagers with an ultrasonic device you can control from your computer or smartphone.

While it may seem like some kind of a dream, it was on display at the Buildex Vancouver trade show that’s being held Wednesday and Thursday at the Vancouver Convention Centre West.

Pigeon Patrol is based in Surrey, where it also manufactures the snazzy TubeSonic that uses sound to scare away pests — from winged to four-footed and even the two-footed, teenage variety.

Using an amplifier, speakers, a small computer and wifi interface, the TubeSonic emits frequencies from 8 kHz to 24 kHz. There are 12 different settings, plus more than 100 recorded sounds designed to “startle, confuse, disorient and intimidate.” Frequencies adults can’t even hear are used to upset the sensitive hearing of youths.

It can all be controlled remotely and set to a schedule.

The company also has a variety of other products, like weather-resistant stainless steel spikes to keep birds from landing where they shouldn’t, to an all-natural herb gel that sales manager Andrew MacBain said “smells like death” to birds.

But none of the company’s products are actually deadly.

“We’re very humane,” said MacBain.Pigeon Patrol

There are more than 425 exhibiting companies at Buildex and in excess of 60 seminars. The show was expected to attract 13,500 industry professionals from interior design, construction and real estate management.

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