It is filo pastry filled with minced pigeon meat and almonds.

A bit different to the bacon sarnies of UK golf clubs but then golfing in Marrakech is different, too.

And you won’t have to contend with freezing temperatures either.

I was at the Royal Palm resort in February, and despite views of the snow-capped Atlas mountains in the background, it was 28C.

Flights from Gatwick to Marrakech take three hours 20 minutes.

Then it is just a ten-minute drive to the city centre with its hotels and courses.

That meant we could sneak a quick round in at the Royal Palm before we even checked in at the Four Seasons hotel.

When I did finally make it to my Garden Room there, I found a massive king-size bed, a separate dressing room and a bathroom with its own postcode.

Outside was an immense balcony with room for a table and chairs plus a cushion-filled nook.

Even in February it was warm enough for a pre-dinner beer on the terrace before tucking in to local cuisine of pigeon pasties, chicken and fish tagine.

The Moroccan wine and beer went down very well, too.

With it being a mainly Muslim country, I had pretty much assumed this would be a dry trip.

Not the case at all. Locals are happy to have a beer or two and are extremely proud of their Casablanca lager.

The next morning it was off to the jewel of the golfing trip at Assoufid.

The desert course, which again features stunning views of the Atlas mountains, is only three years old and was voted Africa’s best new course in 2016 by the World Golf Awards.

But be prepared to wave goodbye to a few balls when you play the cluster of holes surrounding the Dip of Death, a canyon running right through the course.

By now it was time for a little local culture and a trip to the world-famous Jemaa el-Fnaa square.

In the space of ten minutes you can come across snake charmers, get lost in the warrens of the souk marketplace and try the local street food which includes anything from the freshest orange juice to huge pans of fried snails.

The 12th century Koutoubia Mosque towers over everything, despite only being 77 metres high, as local law dictates no other building can be taller.

We sought sanctuary and dinner in one of the riads — boutique-style hotels in the heart of the city.

On our last day, we squeezed in one more round at the splendidly named Palmeraie Palace golf resort.

This was holiday golf at its best, not too taxing and the chance to give the ball a good smack.

There are three loops of nine holes to choose from.

If you’ve not had enough after all that wild swishing, the golf-obsessed can pop to the Four Seasons spa — where they will soothe your aching muscles with a golf-ball massage.


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