Living in the city, pigeons are part of our everyday life. In others, they are disgusting – “rats of the city” they call them – others give sweetness. Whatever it is, it is part of our lives. But what if they are monitoring tools of what we do?

According to reports, this is already happening in China. At least 30 military and civilian services use the robot birds. Details of the technology that has been in place for some years now gave a source that it did not want to be named in the South China Morning Post.

Spy pigeons move their wings to make maneuvers mimicking the movement of birds and are so silent that when they flown a flight over a flock of sheep in Inner Mongolia, the sheep – which are scattered with the slightest – did not get news!

The program, code-named “Peristeri,” is led by Professor Sung Bifeng of Northwestern Polytechnical University in Hsian (he has already worked in the construction of the J-20, the Chinese stealth fighter aircraft).

The opening of their (artificial) wings is about half a meter, weighing 200 grams each, flying at a speed of up to 40 km / h for about 30 minutes at most. They are equipped with high-resolution camera, with GPS, and are capable of communicating with satellite.

Last April, in an interview with the Chinese Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology Review, Song confirmed that they are already being used in Xinjiang province (the Chinese Uighurs, with subdued separatist tendencies), but also in other provinces in China.

In the near future, “Pigeons” can have “the same or greater intelligence than nature’s creatures,” promised Professor Song Bifeng.


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