REFERRING to the SMS “Pigeon hazard” (The Star, Oct 1), Thailand is considering jailing or fining anyone caught feeding pigeons. The Thai authorities say pigeons are “rats with wings” and cause bird flu, respiratory diseases and meningitis.

Sadly, here in Kuala Lumpur, there are people throwing out food to feed the pigeons. One such place is Jalan Taban 2 in Lucky Garden, Bangsar. They do this every day, usually in the morning, and there are hundreds of pigeons on the road and telephone lines. When the pigeons flutter their wings, small feathers are seen flying around. Residents also find feathers in their kitchens, and this is not healthy.

These so-called “kind souls” who feed the birds are not concerned about health when they throw food on the road. Some even throw food into the back lanes. They never think that crows, other birds, cats and rats also come to eat the food. This is getting out of control and if something is not done soon, someone will get seriously ill due to the germs carried by the pigeons. I hope the Health Ministry will conduct an awareness campaign to educate the public on the dangers pigeons pose to people.


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