It’s National Bird Day today, and here in Scotland we boast some of the most stunning and diverse wildlife on the planet.

Our nation’s animals come in all shapes and sizes and today we look five of the most interesting birds that can be found in Scotland.

Don’t worry, we’ve left the brazen Glaswegian pigeons and those pesky Aberdonian seagulls off the list – this is only for the elite of the avian species.


These beautiful creatures are often considered the “clowns of the air” due to their mismatched appearance.

The puffin can grow to around 18 inches tall and boast a black and white body, white a pale white face and brightly coloured bill.

If you want to spot them then head to the Isle of May, Anstruther .

Red Kite

Red kite’s are easily identifiable due to their large size, with a wingspan of almost 2 metres, and reddish-brown colouring.

The bird was successfully reintroduced to Scotland where it can now be seen soaring the skies across our bonny counry.


The capercaillie may not be one of the most dangerous birds on our list, but it is one that is synonymous with Scotland.

Unfortunately, this woodland bird, which is the largest member of the grouse family, is now endangered and is facing possible extinction.

The capercaillie can be spotted in the pine forests of the Cairngorms , the Highlands and Perthshire .

Golden Eagle

This massive bird of prey thrives across the Scottish Highlands and Northern Isles.

The golden eagle mainly hunts rabbits, hares but is also known to catch foxes, young deer and grouse.


The osprey have a wingspan of around 1.5m and are a seasonal visitor to our country.

These powerful brown birds can be found Scotland’s pine forests and lochs where they mostly hunt fish.

You better time your bird-spotting trip though as, like many of us wish we could do, they migrate south for the winter.


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