Many people have heard of Mike Tyson, the fearsome former heavyweight champion– but did as many people know he had a love for pigeons?

The birds, considered a dirty nuisance to most people, were his friends.

tyson-pigeons-6Owning 3,000 of the birds, he called pigeon racing his ‘first love’. Much to his wife’s dismay, Tyson can spend hours at the coop, staring at the birds as they flap their wings and hop around.

“The pigeons are man’s first feathered friends, before chickens,” Tyson said. “They were money in ancient times.”

For Mr. Tyson, home was never something to be taken for granted. As a boy growing up in a raucous and dysfunctional apartment in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, he joined some pals in keeping a roof-top suite of pet pigeons. One afternoon, a street tough came along, taunted the future champ, blithely snapped the neck of one of his pigeons and threw the bird back in his face. That was Tyson’s first fight as a result of his love for pigeons.

‘They were my escape,’ he said. ‘I was fat and ugly. Kids teased me all the time. The only joy I had was pigeons.’



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