In November  2014, he hosted Mrs Patience Jonathan.  Politicians like prayers and charms.  So they hang around clerics and sorcerers. At that event, Father Mbaka poured prayers on Mrs Joanthan and  showered praises on  President Jonathan. He said President Jonathan was not inept. He said his opponents maliciously  underestimated his good works.  He wondered why anyone would blame Jonathan, rather than Boko haram, for the insurgency that had taken control of over 20 local government areas. He said  it was unfair to make  the ‘Bring Back Our Girls’ demand  on an innocent Jonathan rather than on Boko haram. Fr. Mbaka A month later, in December 2014, Father Mbaka  did a somersault and  dropped a bombshell.  God, he said, had rejected Jonathan.  God spoke to him and confirmed it with pigeons. He had released a set of pigeons to fly and fight for Jonathan. One or two  of the pigeons refused to fly.  He went to God with his curiosity. God told him the pigeon didn’t fly because the kingdom had departed from  Jonathan. He could have stopped there. He is a messenger and  no one would ask him for explanations. But  Mbaka is not gifted with circumspection. He revisited his assessment of Jonathan’s stewardship.  And  recanted. He said  Jonathan was actually as clueless as his opponents had pronounced. Many blinked in embarrassment at his named volte-face.  He said everything Jonathan touched, had become infested with bad luck. He said he was compelled by God, so he was unabashed. He was vilified. Bishops accused him of gross insubordination. They said he had  undermined the neutrality of the church in party politics. Some  Jonathan’s supporters branded him a counterfeit prophet.  They said the internal inconsistencies  of his positions,  exposed him as a charlatan. They pointed to a history of what they termed— other ill motivated  and false political prophesies—and said he could be a victim of  auditory hallucinations. Father Mbaka dismissed  the  insinuations that he had spoken out of bitterness  as childish.  Buhari, won in 2015. Mbaka has stood patiently with Buhari since. Father Mbaka is back in the news. This time he has not pigeonholed himself. He has left a lot of room for maneuver. He says  Buhari was chosen but  President Buhari has wandered. He thinks that Buhari has been hijacked and put in a bag by  some evil men that surround him. He says the president must change or be changed. That  could suggest that Buhari might yet  get another chance. Perhaps if he showed firm leadership. That is one way of reading his prophecy. But Mbaka has another warning. He says the president must not contest the forthcoming elections.  He is certain he would be put to shame if he did. This  warning seems to foreclose the possibility of a second term under any circumstance.  He says the man is not only sick but old. And because he is frail, everything in the country, he says, has gone frail. He concedes that Buhari has good intentions. But that he is physically too weak to see them through. He has allowed  opportunists who pay lip service to corruption seize the reins of government. And rather than sweep away corruption and poverty with the brooms they came with, they have preoccupied themselves  with sweeping public funds into their big bags.  Mbaka, definitely,  has not lost his theatricals. It would seem  though that Mbaka always comes with  grains of  truth,  delivered  melodramatically in a bag of chaff. But since he always claims  God, we must then believe that the incoherencies are spiritual permutations and combinations mortals like us would forever find difficult to understand. If President Buhari contests and wins, Mbaka yet wins.  It would be said  that Buhari listened and changed his ways.  And God  gave him another chance. If Buhari hearkens and chooses not to  contest, then the prophet will  also  be true. He yielded to a divine revelation. Head or tail Mbaka wins this one. Some of Buhari’s supporters have denounced the priest. They think  he is being used to create negative sensation. Some say he is  badly ego driven.  I know that Mbaka  could rightly be considered  a political man of God. It’s possible that he delivers what God tells him together with his own feelings. But  it would serve Buhari and his team  well to accept the prophecy as constructive criticism. What Mbaka has told  with fanfare as prophecy is actually trite. There is nothing in that  prophecy that is a revelation. There was nothing he told Jonathan in 2014 that was a revelation too.  But Mbaka’s  admonition is yet significant. Not  because  he has a sizable following in parts of the Southeast. No. He supported this president. When those who  stuck out their necks and supported this president air their frustrations  in hisses, in  letters, or in prophecies,  the president ought to listen. There is nothing in Mbaka’s prophecy that Aisha Buhari, the wife of the president, didn’t tell the BBC  a year ago. Father  Mbaka referred to  the president’s wife as a frustrated and rejected  god-given mentor to the president. The First Lady had declared she would not support her husband if he failed recover  the  reins of government from usurpers. She was frustrated.  She is not alone. She came back a few  months ago from her sick husband in London and announced that  significant changes  were imminent. She triumphantly proclaimed that the Jackals and Hyenas would be banished. Whatever her husband promised her in ‘the other room’ in London has become a failed promise.  Mbaka likens the president to Jonah  swallowed by a whale. The problem is that the Abuja whale appears not in any hurry to release its victim. Those around the president could boast that the president would win the national elections in 2019, easily. That could be correct. But they must be concerned that the president has failed to live up to  the expectations of his many supporters around the country. That is neither  good for the president and nor for  the country. And performance must be  more important than winning for winning sake. Fortunately for Father Mbaka, no Bishop would invite him for questioning. The council of Bishops could even possibly praise him for valor and forthrightness. The complex nature of Nigeria’s politics allows for such fundamental changes in attitude. Nothing is hinged on any moral principles. Father Mbaka thinks the governor of Gombe could be a good fit. Since he has  unfettered access to God, why can’t he simply submit the man’s name for promotion and submit the names of the members of the cabal for punishment. If the men of God were firm themselves perhaps the politicians would sit up.


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