A lost pink pigeon has landed on its feet after it arrived in a Somerset street.

The bird turned up in Blackbird Close, Midsomer Norton, having flown all the way from Glasgow.

Tiffany Bailey spotted the unusually-coloured bird in her street in Midsomer Norton and was concerned that it was hanging around for a few days.

She said: “I was worried my two cats might catch it as it was on the floor quite a lot, so I asked around – it came back but was unable to catch it. The lady at the top of my road caught it and someone came and rescued it.”

The bright pink bird was taken to Paulton by Becky Chivers, who keeps pigeons.

The 27-year-old mother said: “I got tagged in a Facebook post and asked if I could take it as the people that caught it didn’t have any experience.

Pink pigeon with Becky’s children – Chai and Tayla Moyle (Image: Becky Chivers)

“I picked it up and put it in my loft on its own for 24hrs and have now just put it in another one of my lofts with more pigeons it is under-weight which is understandable seeing as it has flew from Glasgow.

“Hopefully it will put weight on and I will keep it in with my other pigeons that don’t race.”

She said the bird’s pink colour was probably deliberate to prevent the bird being preyed upon.

Becky added: “You can get pink spray and you spray it under each wing to stop birds of prey catching them.

“I don’t know if it works or not but this poor pigeon definitely didn’t just get sprayed under its wing!”

As the pigeon is so far from her original home she is being rehomed with Becky’s birds – all being well.

Becky said that she started keeping pigeons in February 2016, and was following in the footsteps of her grandfather who kept the birds for more than 50 years.

She said: “I started helping him as his health got bad in February 2016 and he sadly passed away in December 2016. His wishes were for me to continue racing pigeons so that’s what I do.

“At the minute I’ve got about 60 pigeons.”

The oldest pigeon she has is Scar – an aptly named 17-year-old-bird.


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