law maker gets pooped on by pigeon while complaining about pigeon poo

Chicago has had a long and storied battle against pesky pigeons on their transit systems.

Speaking to CBS Chicago, state Rep. Jaime Andrade was in mid-flow discussing the problem of pigeons pooping on the Chicago Transit Authority, when he was pooped on himself.

In the middle of the interview, he can be heard saying:

“Did I just get – I did, didn’t I?”

He then added:

“I’ll just have to go clean up.”

“That’s what happens to my constituents. They get s*** on all time.”

According to CBS Chicago, bird droppings have long been an issue for commuters at the Irving Park Blue Line station, which has reportedly been dubbed the “pigeon poop station.”

Andrade is reportedly trying to fix the problem, with one of his innovative ideas being to ask the CTA to install a hose line for power washing when it constructs new escalators at the stop. Either way, that’s a crappy situation.


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