A Dirty Dancing theme night had to be scrapped – after customers claimed the event was invaded by pigeons.

Organisers of The Dirty Dancing Movie Experience, held at the Govan Shed in Glasgow, pulled the plug on an evening show after they were hit by a deluge of complaints over the afternoon session.

Customers said the sound quality was poor, prosecco was overpriced and warm and a cinema screening of the movie was hampered by pigeons inside the venue.

Fans of the 1988 movie, starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray, were promised the time of their lives and paid £15 a ticket to enjoy the big-screen show, cocktails, street food and live dancers. But last night the event’s Facebook page was inundated with unhappy customers looking for refunds.

One social media user, Yvonne Watson, said: “We were there today and it was the worst thing ever. Freezing cold warehouse, birds flying around your head and five portaloos.

“We left after half an hour. A disgrace.” Andrea Toner said that the show was nothing like the advertisements and added: “I’m disgusted and disappointed and feel I’ve been conned.”

Sarah Brady wrote: “Portable toilets and £26 for a bottle of Prosecco and you can’t even hear the film. The toilets blocked and do not flush, no water to wash your hands.”

Customers were told to contact Twinkle Cinemas for a refund but complained that their emails bounced back.

Casey Williams, from the company, said: “A licensing officer from Glasgow City
Council came out to the venue at our request this evening and was completely happy with everything.

“We don’t think we have sound problems and we have refunded everybody for the cancelled show.

“A small number of people had an issue and everyone else had a fantastic time.”

The event had its first show on Friday and is due to run shows today.


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