As we are coming up to pigeon racing season again, pigeon fanciers will be taking their pigeons further away from their lofts for training, firstly to get their old birds fit, and secondly for the young birds to build up stamina and to orientate themselves to go back to the loft.

At this time of the year, there are thousands of pigeons being trained all over Gauteng and unfortunately, some do get injured or lost and there have been numerous enquiries on social media about how one goes about reporting these pigeons.

Here is some useful information for non-pigeon fanciers, should a racing pigeon land at your residence tired and/or injured:

In the first instance, you will need to check that the pigeon has a coloured identification ring on its leg, for example, GPU (Gauteng Pigeon Union) ZA17 (year of issue) 13309 (ring number).

If the pigeon does not have a ring on its leg, it is more likely a wild or feral pigeon rather than a racing pigeon.

If it is a seasoned racing pigeon, there may be an electronic ring on the pigeon’s other leg which should have a sticker on it with the telephone number of the ring steward of the union or federation that the pigeon owner belongs to.


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