Who wants to clean pigeon poop for fun? Certainly no-one in the right mind. However, with those pesty birds ever-breeding and roosting on your roof, there comes a time when it must be done. Here’s how to safely get rid of those pigeon marks.


– protective clothing or disposable overalls

– nitrile rubber gloves

– paper face mask

– eye goggles

– 3/4th cup chlorine bleach

– 1 gallon warm water

– 1 tablespoon laundry detergent

– spray bottle or power washer

– sponge or rag

– garbage bag

Ideal pigeon cleaning suit.

Ideal pigeon cleaning suit.


1. Put on your protective clothing to ensure full coverage.

2. Mix the solutions.

3. Wet the droppings with the solution in a spray bottle or power washer. Make sure you let the solution sit for a few minutes for it to thoroughly disinfect the droppings.

4. Use a sponge or rag if further scrubbing is necessary

5. Push all the removed bird guano into a garbage bag


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