homing pigeonsHoming pigeons have fouled Janine White’s garden, washing and children’s playhouse, got into her kitchen and even made it into her bedroom.

Mum Janine White is plagued by pooping homing pigeons that come into her home and garden after the birds’ owners moved away

The 34-year-old mum said: “I feel a prisoner in my own home – they are defecating everywhere, it stinks and I just can’t seem to stop them.”

She added: “They are taking every opportunity to fly into my house.

“I’m scared to open my windows – I honestly feel trapped.”

She has managed to trap some of the birds in this playhouse, belonging to her daughter

But other birds are still flying into her home, fouling her clean washing and bedroom

Janine lives in Blackburn, Lancs, with mum Josephine, 54, and daughter Mia, one.

She has been unable to trace her former neighbour and does not know what to do with the birds.

She said: “I don’t know whether they want them back or they’ve abandoned them.

“I think they left suddenly.

“I’m scared that if something happens to the pigeons in my garden that I will be held responsible – which isn’t fair.”

Now Janine is concerned she will be held responsible if something happens to any of the pigeons in her playhouse

She now hopes the local council will come and safely remove the birds from her home soon


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