Hyderabad: Having remained stuck in a time warp for long, the hands of four clocks located on towers in the city will start ticking soon with the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) working towards restoration and renovation of clocks in the historical towers at Mozamjahi Market, Shah Ali Banda, Monda Market and Sultan Bazaar.

The clocks in these towers had remained defunct for last several years and with complaints pouring in from different sections, the municipal corporation is now gearing up to repair and get them functional.


Among all the clock towers in the city, the municipal corporation has decided to repair and restore the clocks at Mozamjahi Market, Shah Ali Banda, Monda Market and Sultan Bazaar first. The repairs will be confined only to clocks and no civil works will be taken up the towers are heritage structures.

In the past, a couple of firms were entrusted with the task of maintaining the clocks but due to different issues, including non-payment of monthly charges etc, the repair works were pending since long.The municipal corporation is roping in private firms involved in maintenance of the clocks as maintenance has been a major challenge for the civic body all these years.

However, learning lessons from the past, the municipal corporation this time is making the installation and maintenance of the clocks for a period of two years. The works will be taken up with a cost of about Rs.15 lakhs, said an official from GHMC.

Apart from technical aspects, pigeons have also made the maintenance of the clocks a task for the municipal corporation.

At places like Mozzam Jahi Market and Shah Ali Banda, the pigeons flock the hands of the clocks. As a result, the hands either got damaged or stopped functioning. To fix the issue, this time efforts are being made to wrap pigeons net to obstruct the birds from entering the towers, he said.

On the repairs of clock towers at other places, he informed that measures were being taken up by Heritage Cell. While, the Charminar clock repair will be taken up under Charminar Pedestrianisation Project, the one at Fateh Maidan Club is also due for repairs, he added.


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