hungover-birdThe city Psel River in Ukraine, wants the area to look beautiful and clean, in particular a monument to the poet Taras Shevchenko.

So what method have they chosen to stop pigeons fouling up the monument and surrounding areas? Birds of Prey?, shoot them?, trap them? Nope. Well What then?

Alexei Movchan, who heads the city branch of the ruling Party of Regions has said “Let’s give them wine-soaked bread and then deport them somewhere where they’ll wake up the next day,”. Yup the answer to get rid of the pesky pigeons is to get them roaring drunk, deport them to a different part of Ukraine in the hopes that they wake up with such a big hangover that they will have forgotten where they live.

Movchan denied the controversial move would infringe animal rights groups, insisting it is a tried and tested custom practiced regularly by an Orthodox Christian monastery in west Ukraine.

These guys should contact us