A mall in California hired Remmy — a Harris’ hawk — two years ago to hunt down uninvited pigeons.

The renovation of the Broadway Plaza mall in Walnut Creek, Calif., attracted dozens of pigeons.

“We had a major pigeon problem and were unsure of the best way to get it under control,” said Shelly Dress, senior manager of property management at the mall.

So Dress turned to Hawk Pros, a company that uses falcons to get rid of pest birds.

The practice helps avoid using chemicals and only scares away the targets, letting them live.

“A scared pigeon is an educated pigeon,” said Remmy’s handler, Bridget Maguire-Colton. “That pigeon will return to its flock and let the other birds know there’s a hawk here who means business. Pigeons are smart birds — they will remember where the hawk is and will seek out another venue for shelter, water and food.”

Separately, a flight attendant for a Chinese airline pleaded guilty to trying to smuggle almost two dozen spotted and box turtles from Los Angeles to China.

Hauqian Qu entered his guilty plea to a charge of conspiracy yesterday, according to the U.S. attorney’s office.


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