A stubborn pigeon has been filmed refusing to move in a busy city road, forcing every car to go around him or stop before a pedestrian finally dragged him out of the way.

The video shows seven vehicles swerving into the adjacent lane while going around the pigeon as he refused to move on a road in Birmingham on Friday.

The eighth vehicle stopped dead in its tracks so as not to run over the bird.

A pedestrian rushed into the centre of traffic to resolve the stand-off, removing the pigeon himself.

The pigeon was caught on camera dodging traffic on the bustling Pershore Road, near Calthorpe Park, during the lunch time rush hour.

But the bird but somehow survived on a wing and a prayer.

The unflappable character refused to move for man, beast or car, the Birmingham Mail reports.

His actions caused numerous drivers to slow down and swerve.

After a few minutes, a good Samaritan spotted the plucky pigeon, scooped it up and placed it in the safety of the road side.

A man called Alex filmed the episode.

He said: “I only noticed it sitting in the road as I walked past.

“I thought it was a bit funny of the pigeon.

“It’s as if the pigeon was having a lone protest, possibly for food.

“I only noticed when a car blew his horn for a car which had stopped, then everyone was just driving around the pigeon to avoid hitting the little guy.

“It’s possible the pigeon was weak but it’s also possible it was stubborn and simply refused to move for anyone or any vehicle.

“It’s not the kind of reason you’d expect to have a tailback on a busy road in Birmingham.”


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