THE Eastern Province Fancy Pigeon Association will host its annual regional fancy pigeon show Saturday, May 12th at Altona Primary School in Greenbushes near Port Elizabeth.

According to Nic Hanekom, secretary of the Eastern Province Fancy Pigeon Association, the keeping of fancy pigeons as a hobby exits in many forms.

“Pigeons have been linked to humans since ancient times. Already by the year 3200BC pigeons were kept in Egypt for meat purposes, as well as used as messengers,” said Hane-kom.

Those who are interested in keeping fancy pigeons are advised to select a breed with a tame nature.

“Stick to clean leg breeds with normal beak lengths. Breeds with abnormal ornaments like crest and muffs, as well as breeds with very short beaks, should be left to the experienced fanciers.

“Also guard against the urge to start off with too many breeds. Rather try to visit a number of shows and breeders before you make your choice,” said Hanekom.

The South African Fancy Pigeon Association (SAFPA) was founded in 1943, with the sole purpose to promote the fancy pigeon sport in South Africa. This organisation is divided into provincial regions which on an annual basis host shows. The SA Championship Show rotates between the regions and takes place during early July.


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