In response to Alan Elders article regarding people feeding the birds in the town centre, he is correct in saying its is classed as “littering”. As such you can, if caught be fined for the offence and may get a criminal record/conviction.
I often see people feeding the pigeons opposite Aldi on the waste ground, not with a mere few crumbs, but with carrier bags full of feed and  bread! As Neighbourhood Wardens  patrol these areas it`s only a matter of time before  more people will be caught, so please be WARNED!
YOU WILL be prosecuted for littering.
Many people do not realise what sort of diseases these birds leave behind in their droppings; Histoplasmosis is a respiratory disease that can be fatal, Candidiasis is a yeast fungus spread by pigeons, then there is Ecoli infection which is one of the common infections caused by an enteric bacteria carried in fecal matter.
This is just to mention a few that can be caught and transmitted from bird droppings, so with people feeding these birds in our town centres not only is it a offence to do so, but you  are probably, without knowing, spreading diseases.


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