AMES, Iowa —

Boone and Ames police are investigating about 14 reports of vehicles being damaged by clay pigeons overnight Sunday.

Mathew Boley said he is still unhappy about what he woke up to Sunday morning outside his home in Ames.

“I came outside and there were clay pigeons all over the ground next to my car, a few scratches and nice circle size welts on the side of it,” Boley said.

Police said they hope the public will provide helpful information for the ongoing investigating.

“We really would ask the public to come forward if they have any information, if they saw suspicious activity near Aplin Road or Story Street sometime Saturday night,” said Commander Jason Tuttle, of the Ames Police Department.

Residents in Boone said they experienced the same type of vandalism.

“I just noticed there were these clay things all over the road and especially on vehicles all the way up to First Street here,” Boone resident Ryioko Peterson said. “It was car after car.”

John Wilson said he saw the same as he was getting into his car to attend Sunday morning church service. He said he is frustrated and cannot understand why anyone could commit what appears to be a random act.

“People gotta have better things to do than mess around, tearing up people and destroying property,” Wilson said.

Police advise residents to park their vehicle in a garage or driveway if possible to protect their cars. Otherwise, police said it is best to park under a street light.


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