Concertgoers aren’t the only ones flocking to Pinnacle Bank Arena. Pigeons are hanging out around the elevated deck on the arena’s north end.

Pigeons use the ledges and lights in an area under the deck for nests and roosting, leaving their droppings under the deck, on the stairwell.

Arena staff have tried a less-expensive approach to ward off the birds by putting spikes on some of the potential roosting areas. But the pigeons persist, said Adam Hoebelheinrich, with Project Control, the firm helping manage arena maintenance issues.

So they may have to look at more-expensive options.

The West Haymarket Joint Public Agency, which built and maintains the arena, will likely approve a $4,800 contract with DLR Group, an architectural firm, to look at pigeon-control measures, during its Thursday meeting.

In order to get rid of pigeons roosting under the Harris Overpass, the city had to seal the bridge’s underside with corrugated steel decking.

The area beneath the arena deck has a similar problem, but Hoebelheinrich hopes there is a less-expensive option.

Project Control staff also managed arena-related construction for the JPA. Compared with the oversight required during construction, pigeon droppings are small potatoes.

It’s PBA for 20 more years

CenturyLink Center, Omaha’s arena and convention center, may be getting a new name when the current 15-year, $14.05 million naming-rights contract ends this fall.

The Omaha convention center board hopes to get $10 million under a new naming-rights contract.

Lincoln’s Pinnacle Bank Arena won’t be changing its name any time soon. The current naming-rights contract goes for another 20 years, through August 2038. Pinnacle Bank prepaid that agreement, with $6.7 million in early payments.

CenturyLink has already undergone one name change. It was originally called Qwest Center Omaha until 2011, when Qwest was purchased by CenturyLink.

There is always a transition time when a building changes names. Experts say it takes about 2½ years for an arena’s new name to sink into people’s consciousness.

It’s medical, not fire, Camp says

When talking about public safety, people generally refer to the city’s two main departments as police and fire.

But City Council member Jon Camp is breaking with tradition. It’s “police and medical” for Camp. After all, 82 percent of calls to the Lincoln Fire and Rescue Department are for medical help, for ambulances, he points out.

With this language, Camp is also promoting his view the city needs to rethink the kinds of vehicles it purchases for LFR.


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