FEED lots around Echuca are to blame for the pigeon plague which has been affecting local buildings.

In response to The Riv’s article last week, businesses are coming forward with their horror stories and ways they’ve tried to remedy the problem.

Campaspe College, a neighbour to the Uniting Church has been caught in a flap after calls to council fell on deaf ears.

General Manager Karen Hagan said how the weekly clean-up has been exhausting funds and staff members of the college.

“There are normally around 80 to 100 along the top of the pitched roof. Just outside the door from our kitchen there’s always a mess from the birds, it’s a real worry for us,” Ms Hagan said.

“We have staff members and volunteers come out and clean up the place, it takes three or four hours a week just to get the main areas clean, then we have to get people up on the roof.”

“I’ve tried contacting council and of course I haven’t heard back from anyone. We’re the early voting centre for the federal election, and our disability access doorway is just covered in pigeon poo, it doesn’t look very good.”

“We’ve moved the air conditioners from the roof down to on the walls because the pigeons were behind there, we had a staff member clean them out and he found 18 and a half dead pigeons in amongst everything.”

Council has said that it is up to residents to control their own problems, but local pigeon racer Dick Robb said that the sudden spike in numbers can be explained.

“It’s a pretty big problem and it’s sort of come out of nowhere. There’s a feed lot about five kilometres west of Echuca, so the birds have unlimited feed which means they can breed for 12 months of the year,” Mr Robb said.

“To put that in perspective, we race them, and we have them breed only once a year.”

“They’re a curse. They are a filthy bird, and you can’t very well poison them all.”

“The town is just saturated. There was an occasion last year where after heavy rain a shop got flooded because the pigeons had clogged up the guttering and downpipes, it’s a bit ridiculous.”


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