With the temperature soaring in the city, birds suffering from dehydration have increased and several of them had to be rescued, said bird rescuers in Kalyan-Dombivli.

“Ever since the temperature started rising, I have rescued 15 birds from Kalyan this month. They were dehydrated. We fed them water and food and after some days, released them,” said Mahesh Bankar, a bird rescuer from Kalyan.

Usually the number of birds rescued in a month is around two to three. “We have started keeping water in cans and bowls for birds in several parts of the city,” said Bankar.

A group 70 to 80 bird lovers representing Ecodrive – youngsters group from Kalyan-Dombivli area – have been feeding birds water for the past several years. Recently, they have put up cans filled with water across several parts of the city.

“We have covered around 20 different places in Kalyan. Cans filled with water are kept for the birds. We ask residents living in the area to ensure that the cans are filled with water all the time,” said Bankar, adding that such cans were already stationed in areas like Adharwadi, Annapurna nagar, Rambaug, Ramabai Ambedkar garden in Kalyan (West).

Another bird rescuer Suhas Pawar revealed that he has rescued around 13 birds recently and all of them were dehydrated and ill.

“Some of the birds rescued by me are kites, sparrows, pigeons , the greater coucal, spotted dove, the rose-ringed parakeet and Asian Koel,”said Pawar.

Bird lovers in the city have been appealing to residents to immediately alert them if they find a bird dehydrated.

“We have been receiving several calls from residents saying the birds are found at some spot without any movement,” said Pawar.

A group of youngsters called Swarajya Yuva Pratishthan from Kalyan have taken to social media, asking people to keep bowls full of water in their balconies, terraces, and compound walls daily for the birds.

Apart from this, these youngsters also fill water in mud pots which they claim are damaged or are stolen most of the time.

The group has been using mud pots used for final rites at the cemetery as a shelter for birds. The members of the Pratishthan have made around 500 such shelters for the birds till now.

“We decided to use the mud pots as shelters as they were get wasted after the final rituals. Mud pots are a cool shelter for birds,”said Pawar, who is the founder of the Pratishthan.

During summer, the Wildlife Welfare Association in Thane receives around four to five calls a day for birds rescue in Thane.

“We ask citizens to place water bowls and grains on their windows and balconies. This attracts birds such as sparrows, pigeons and crows. Placing big bowls on terrace and making small artificial ponds will help big birds such as kites and owls,” said Manasi Nathwani, secretary, Wildlife Welfare Association, Thane.

“Most birds die due to lack of water,” said Aditya Patil,23, Wildlife Welfare Association in Thane.


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