A US bird rescue organisation is searching for the owner of a very fashionable bird, after it was found wearing a tiny vest covered in rhinestones.

Workers at the Fallen Feathers shelter in Arizona say the bird was brought to them complete with it’s delicately made bejeweled vest.

It posted a picture of the bird and its outfit to its Facebook page, saying the bird clearly had an owner out there looking for it.

“Looking for the owner of a lost pigeon that was turned in today,” a spokesperson said.

“The bird was wearing the flight suit with rhinestones. If you know the owner we have your friend here waiting.”

Commenters were amused by the bird’s outfit and many commented to praise it.

“Looks like it maybe El Chapo’s pigeon with that fancy gold encrusted vest,” one said.

“Oh my goodness! Too cute. I literally never heard of this but love it! All critters deserve love and care,” another wrote.

Fallen Feathers owner Judy Kieran told Arizona Family the bird was very friendly and quite domesticated, but the shelter hasn’t managed to find its owner yet.


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