Pigeon Patrol HawkIt’s not something you expect to see while you’re sipping on your morning latte.

A hawk has been spotted prowling the platforms at Paddington station.

The bird of prey, which is known for its sharp eye and ruthless hunting ability, was seen being carried on the glove of a station worker in west London.

National Rail has employed the animals, which generally feed on smaller creatures such as mice and squirrels, to scare off pigeons.

The birds are currently visiting Paddington about three times a week but are always tethered to their handlers and fed before their shift.

A National Rail spokesperson said: “The hawk’s presence scares [pigeon’s] off. They’re there not to kill, but to scare them. Only in extreme circumstances would we kill a pigeon.

“Although pigeons are lovely birds, they are a menace because their droppings are unhygienic.”


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