Pigeon Patrol droppingsHere is an interesting story that Pigeon Patrol found. Bird droppings on your car are bad news for several reasons. Bird or Pigeon droppings on your car make your car look bad. Your car can be the most expensive luxury car with an amazing paint job and bird droppings can make it look cheap and dirty. Bird droppings on your car give the impression that you do not care about your car enough to keep it clean. Perhaps you were just unfortunate in the place you chose to park, but bird droppings really should be removed from your car as soon as possible. 

 Bird Poop Stains Your Paint

Bird droppings can also have lasting impacts on the paint of your car. Since pigeon or bird droppings contain a lot of acid they can actually permanently damage the paint job on your car. Bird droppings can erode the paint on your car leaving you footing the bill for a costly paint job. In order to avoid this scenario you should make sure to remove all bird droppings on your car immediately. You can remove bird droppings from your car by washing it thoroughly. If the bird droppings will not come off with a good washing you can also use seltzer water.

Remove Bird Dropping Right Away

If the possible damage to your paint job were not enough of a reason that bird droppings on your car to be bad news, bird droppings are also a health hazard. Bird droppings can cause Histoplasmosis and Cryptococcus. Both are extremely harmful diseases that can be spread from bird droppings to humans. These diseases can be avoided by effectively removing bird droppings from your car. If you come into contact with bird droppings you should immediately and thoroughly wash your hands to reduce the possibility of infection. Keeping your car clean and free of bird droppings can make your car look better, protect you paint job, and reduce the possibility of contracting some very serious diseases. Protect yourself and your car and remove those bird droppings.

If you have to park out on the street, you are kind of out of luck. However if you are parking in a sheltered area or under something that would ward having a bird or pigeon deterrent installed to help with the droppings, look no further and look through the pigeon patrol website and see if any of our bird spikes,