One bedazzled pigeon will live to shine another day after getting lost last week.

The pigeon was wearing a flight suit with rhinestones when he was found on a woman’s back porch in Phoenix, Arizona. The bird was then taken to a local rescue called Fallen Feathers, which knew he had to have an owner because of his fancy suit.

It turned out the pigeon, named Olive, had flown out of Marlette Fernando’s car window a few days earlier.

The rescue started posting photos of the bird, while local news reporters tried to help locate his owner.

“I had a friend on Instagram send me a link to one of the news channels,” Fernando told KPHO. “He was freaking out. He was like, ‘You’re not going to believe this.’ Then I click on the link, I saw that Olive was pretty much everywhere online on [the] news.”

The bird is now back home.


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