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Sound & Ultrasonic Repellers

Distress call or sound emitters consist of a central unit and Tweeter. the system emits the distress calls, or calls of predators of the target species.
Effective emitters randomize these calls magnitude, time interval and other factors to prevent birds' from getting used to them.

Ultrasonic repellers are electronic devices that produce high pitch emissions in ultrasound. The sound is designed to be too high pitched for people to hear,
but audible to most birds. This has the advantage to preventing disturbance to neighbouring households.
House hold cats or dogs are not bothered by the high pitch sounds.

Our Sound and Ultrasonic Repellers units are mostly used for personal balconies, backyards, large malls or residential and commercial rooftops.


Ultrasonc (balcony) impact

Ultrasonic (balcony) impact - diagram

  Ultrasonic (Balcony) Impact

Ultrasonic (Balcony) Impact has five breakthrough pest repelling functions:

Infrared Motion Sensor:
The Motion Sensor is capable of detecting motion equally well at night as during the day.

Ultrasonic Sound:
The adjustable frequency dial allows you to choose the type of animal you wish to deter and set a frequency that is especially aggravating to them. Or set your device to repel all pests by cycling through a range of ultrasonic frequencies. The ultrasonic sound waves can travel up to 5,000 sq. feet (465 sq. metres) making the frequency impossible to avoid.

Strobe Light:
When a pest such as a bird, raccoon or skunk steps onto your property it will immediately be assaulted by the flashing light of the strobe. Many pests have highly sensitive eyes, which is what enables them to see at night.

Sonic Alarm:
The sonic alarm takes pest repelling to the next level using an adjustable intruder alarm.  Or you can always turn it off altogether, and enjoy the silence while the product continues to emit powerful ultrasonic frequencies inaudible to humans.

4-Function Remote Control

As an added convenience of operation, this remote can be used from up to 80 feet away.

Do you have a cat or dog? You might want to turn the device off when they go outdoors. When they come back inside, simply click the remote and your yard is protected.

Will you be using batteries? You might put it on standby during those times of day when you aren’t being bothered by pests. This will help you save power.

Technical Specifications:

A/C Adapter Input:

  • A/C 110-240V, Output: D/C 9V/500mA x 1 (included)

D/C Power Sources

  • 4C size batteries (not included) Vehicle power source by connecting cigarette lighter socket (included) D/C 12V or 24V sealed lead-acid (SLA) battery

Ultrasonic Frequency

  • 15 kHz to 30 kHz (adjustable)

Output Sound Pressure

  • 0 to 110dB

Working Current

  • Up to 400mA

Optimum Distance

  • Remote control: up to 100 feet 
  • Infrared sensor: up to 70 feet 
  • Ultrasonic effective range: 7,500 sq. feet

Security Alarm/Harassment Noise Sound Pressure

  • 0-110dB maximum (adjustable), +/-5dB

Remote Control

  • 4 button control (simulation)

All UltraSonic units have a one year manufacturer warranty period from the date of purchase. Our units are engineered and manufactured with strict quality standards to ensure the longevity of the device.

$ 109.00 USD

Prices include taxes and shipping

soundrepellers   TubeSonic

The Ultrasonic Impact series are the best bird and animal deterrent systems on the market today.

This perfect unit, offers frequency ranges from 8 kHz to 24 kHz offering 13 different settings.

The TubeSonic emits over 100 natural recorded predator, urban, human, bird /animal distress calls and other environment sounds designed to startle, confuse, disorient, and intimidate pesky birds or animals.

Choices include:
Pigeon, Seagulls, Crows, Woodpeckers, Small Birds, Deer, Raccoon, Skunks, Small Animals Coyotes, Chipmunk and Squirrels. Deter loitering teenagers on the low Ultrasonic frequencies!

Operating system: Raspberry Pi with WiFi running as an access point. Raspberry Pi running Apache with a web interface playing ultrasonic frequencies and sounds into an amplifier that signals into horn driver tweeter unit. System accessible via the internet and any with most phones.

Dimensions: Tube- 24"x 6" or 24"x 8"
Horn Tweeters: 8 to 80 ohms, 30 to 100 watts
Coverage: 1 acre to 3 acres
Power Requirements: 110vAC
Stand: All units come with a black stand.

All UltraSonic units have a one year manufacturer warranty period from the date of purchase. Our units are engineered and manufactured with strict quality standards to ensure the longevity of the device.

Tube Sonic (one acre plus)
$ 380.00 USD
Tube Sonic (one to five acres)
(Larger Tube, stronger horn tweeter and amplifier)
$ 480.00 USD
Sandstone (one acre plus)
$ 380.00 USD
Sandstone (one to five acres)
(Larger Tube, stronger horn tweeter and amplifier)
$ 480.00 USD
Black Crow (one acre plus)
$ 380.00 USD
Black Crow (one to five acres)
(Larger Tube, stronger horn tweeter and amplifier)
$ 480.00 USD

Prices include taxes and shipping

soundrepellers   Extends original manufacturer's
warranty from 6 months to 30 months


Original manufacturer’s warranty:
Electronic bird repelling products carry a 6-month original manufacturer’s guarantee to be free from defects in manufacture. If your electronic bird repeller fails to operate during normal use within this covered period, we will repair or replace the unit at our discretion.

Extended warranty protection:
This will cover the cost of any needed repairs to, or replacement of, your unit for two years beyond the original 6-months, under normal usage, for a total covered period of thirty months from first purchase. ‘Normal Usage’ means when correctly installed, maintained and protected from deliberate or accidental catastrophic damage.

Extended Warranties must be purchased for each unit.

Obtaining Service under your Extended Warranty:
Should your unit require servicing, you must first contact Pigeon Patrol to authorize and arrange for return of the unit. You may call toll-free 1-877-466-2473. When you receive authorization for repairs, you may either bring your product in person or ship it (shipping/postage pre-paid and insured) with proof of product purchase, including purchase of Extended Warranty. Please include a short written description of the problem or malfunction.

Customers in all other countries other than Canada / USA must pay for shipping both ways in order to receive service under the terms of this Warranty.

$ 100.00 USD

Prices include taxes and shipping